Sunday, December 13, 2009

BSJs and Grandkids

On Thanksgiving Day ES, C, and I got to fly West to meet our new grandsons/nephews and get reacquainted with the older grandson. It had been over a year since we had been to see the kids and it was good to be there for a week. This is a picture of all our grand kids with one mother, one father, and one aunt. The mother of the tyke in blue pants was out of the room while another aunt gave her a massage. I had one too and it was wonderful!!! Thanks AM!

Of course I couldn't go to visit without taking a knitted gift! I had to present these BSjs to the kids in person to tell them the story of the yarn and the sweaters. I couldn't just send them in the mail.
These two Baby Surprise Jackets, plus two and a half others, have been knit and waiting for delivery since the kids told me they were expecting. The yarn is ALL stash yarn, but not MY stash. It was my grandmother's stash yarn! When Grandma died my aunt took all of the acrylic yarn to make crocheted toys. I got all of the wool yarn, plus some of her knitting needles. I had used some of the yarn to make a wallaby for R, but there was a lot of yarn left over and in all different colors. Grandma at one time had made all of her posterity afghans, sweaters, jackets, and lots of other things. There is a lot of yarn to work with and even after making what I have so far, there is probably enough left to make at least three or four more BSJs. I hope the kids tell the grand kids about the sweaters someday----letting them know that the yarn was their great-great grandma and the sweater was made for them by their grandma. I think it is neat that Grandma gets to give something to her great-great grandsons and she isn't even with us anymore!

The orange BSJ is for AEK, the little one all in white (it was his baby blessing day) and the blue one is for BEK, the oldest grandson, and CJK his little brother, the one in the blue pants.

I get to have the pleasure of going to see the kids again in another two weeks and I have some knitting planned to take with me. Maybe a new sweater, seeing as how I now have a job where I don't have to wear a uniform and can expand my wardrobe. I have some handspun I've been eyeing and I think I have enough for a basic sweater.

In other news-----Christmas is less than two weeks away and I'm still not even close to being ready. There has been some Christmas knitting, but not as much as usual. There are some things that need to be blocked and gifted, then I can post about them here.

Until next time, Happy knitting and spinning.