Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saw the National Archives & the Hope Diamond today

I can't figure out how to use the picture downloads on ES' computer, so I will post pictures when I am home and comfortable with my own computer.

This after-evening the boys, ES, and I went to see the National Archives. We saw the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It was a v-e-r-y long wait and then when we got into the Rotunda, we had a man and his son keep crowding in and then taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r in asking the guards questions. He must have thought he was the only person in the place. It made the lady in front of me and myself v-e-r-y upset. I wanted to just go up and push him out of the way! But, of course, I didn't. Anyone who knows me, knows I wouldn't do that.

The boys and I also saw the Sackler Gallery and the Museum of Natural History. We even got to see the "Hope Diamond" and take pictures. That wasn't nearly as crowded as the National Archives. I could get lost in the Natural History Museum without any problems. When we finally get out here for real, I will spend a number of days in each of the museums without the boys. They were ready to leave way before I was almost all the time.

We may make one more trip downtown before going down on Saturday for the Cherry Blossom festival. Don't know for sure though.

While waiting at the National Archives, I finished my toe up Railroad Rib sock. When we got home tonight, I promptly started another sock. I'm glad I brought more yarn. Capital Yarns did not have much in the way of sock yarn, so I didn't buy anymore. I might check out some more yarn stores not too much further away than what the last one was, but don't know for sure.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I missed going to the yarn shop today, but I will go tomorrow morning when they open at 10 am. They didn't open until noon and we had to meet a Realtor today at 12:30. ES and I looked at a lot of houses. Nine today and we will look at more tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday at Becky and Thomas' we played a German card game called: 6nimmt! It was very fun. Tonight we went to another person's house for dinner and we taught them the game. We had nine people playing tonight and the game lasted for about an hour and a half. When the boys and I played it this afternoon, we were done in about half an hour.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Washington Sites

Yesterday came and went too fast. I forgot that I was supposed to post yesterday. ES and I went and met a couple and their daughter. J-b had met them when he was in Richmond and they were in Washington DC yesterday. J-b wanted us to try and meet them and so we did. It was a pretty good experience.

On Friday, the boys and I went into DC and met ES's co-workers. We then went and saw some of the sites. We went to the Botanical Gardens. C said he didn't realize flowers could be so cool. I thought that was pretty good, because I thought he would complain the whole time we were in there. R said he better get extra credit for going to the Botanical Gardens for his horticulture class.

We also got pictures of the boys in front of the Capital. I was surprised to see the pictures that R took. He got some really good pictures from the National Museum of American Indian. There were some canoes and kayaks, hatchets and knives, beaded dresses, and lots of stuff that I didn't get to see. It may be a good idea to go back and see things again.

When ES got done with work, he came and joined us walking on the mall. We went down to the Washington Monument and then ES and I went down to the World War II memorial. That was really neat. They had some really nice friezes along the walkway. If it hadn't been so windy, I would have spent more time there. My ears got really cold.

Here are three of the men in my life in front of the Washington Monument. I was surprised the boys even let me get some pictures of them. But it was fun.

The next few days are going to be spent doing stuff with the boys and looking at houses. ES and I have an appointment with a realtor on Monday afternoon.

I have been knitting on my toe up Railroad rib socks. One is completely done and the second one is only about two inches away from being complete. It's a good thing I brought more yarn for more socks.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flying East

Last night on the way down to Salt Lake, there was a big white bird that flew towards our vehicle. I thought, "Don't hit that bird R." Thinking about it afterwards, I think it was an owl. Don't know for sure, just a guess. It was a surprise when I saw it, so didn't look for markings or anything. It was very startling.

Okay, we were only fifty minutes late leaving the Salt Lake airport and that time was spent on the plane waiting. The wind was too much at Dulles, so we waited in SLC. It was nice to watch the sun rise over Margene's mountains and as it rose I thought of her. The mountains are really pretty with the sun shining on what's left of the snow. I will miss them when we come here permanently. I didn't get a picture, because I wasn't close enough to the window to get one.

While on the flight I was able to complete one toe up sock with the Railroad rib pattern. I only had to do about an inch and a half of cuff. The other sock is at the gusset increases and I hope to have it finished by the time we leave DC.

While here I would like to visit the local, to ES, yarn store which is Capital yarns. It is only 2.5 miles from where he lives. C says he wants to go also, because it is a major shopping area. I found Capital yarns through this website.

ES says we won't be here long enough to do everything that is on our lists to do. Saturday there should be some pictures.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunrise from the Sun-room

One of the things I will miss about my house is the views I have of the sunrises. This is yesterday's sunrise. Isn't it pretty?

The boys and I are busy packing, getting ready to leave tomorrow night for SLC. We will then fly out to DC Thursday morning, early. I am excited and I think the boys are too. ES has set us up to look at some houses, go to lunch with co-workers and do some sight-seeing. We'll see what else we can squeeze in there in the few days we'll be back there. It would be nice to visit one of the local yarn stores though. We will also have the opportunity to meet a couple J-b got to know on his mission, that will be fun.

I haven't done any knitting in the last two days. I have been spinning fiber to put with my silk for the challenge though. And it is almost done. I would kind of like to have it all spun before we leave tomorrow, but I don't think that will happen. Tomorrow is a busy day.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spinners and Finished Sweater

Yesterday was the spinners group. It is always such fun to go and see what everyone is working on. It's also fun to catch up with the people who don't attend very often. We had about eleven people in and out of there during the day which is a pretty good turn out.

We almost always have pot-luck lunch and it is really good. Becky served a quiche this time and others brought salads, pickled green beans, steamed asparagus in a cream sauce, and lots of sweets for after lunch. Valerie made some really good bread with a cinnamon butter that I really enjoyed.
Carol, in the orange sweater, was there this week. She hasn't been to spinners for almost a year. Life gets really crazy and sometimes in the way of us attending the monthly get together. She has been busy with all kinds of projects, as was every one else. In the top photo, you can see Sharon's spinning wheel with her silk challenge on the bobbin. She has some really pretty colors that she's dyed and I'm anxious to see what she will make with it.

Ok. I am normal and don't really like to have my picture taken. But, I do want to show that I completed Mr Greenjeans. It was made with stash yarn (Lion Brand wool-ease). It is a nice light-weight sweater. I am not too happy with the way the bottom half of the sweater sits. I should have put two buttons on it, because the cabling pulls the bottom of the sweater apart. One at the top of the cables and one at the bottom. I also made the sleeves a little longer. I don't care for 3/4 length sleeves.

I think I will make this sweater again, but it will have more modifications made to it. I think I will make it out of handspun and make it according to the directions until I get to the bottom cables and then I will join it and knit the cable section in the round. I think I would be more happy with it. I will also go down a couple more needle sizes on the sleeve cables. Oh well, live and learn.

I will still get a lot of use out of this sweater. I am planning on taking it with me when the boys and I head to DC this week. ES says the cherry blossoms have started and should be really pretty when we get there.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What Flavor Gum? Do you know?

While reading on this blog, I found this quiz. I thought it was kind of interesting seeing as how I don't really like fruit flavored gum.

You Are Fruit Flavored Gum
You are quirky and independent. You don't tend to follow any one style or rule book.
You are a mix and match type of person, and you draw inspiration from many sources.

While you're definitely a bit unusual, you get along well with other people.
You're eager to welcome anyone into your world. You are not judgmental at all.

You form close bonds with your friends, and your relationships tend to be very secure.
You hold firm to your beliefs and values, and you don't let anyone talk you into compromising them.

What flavor gum are you?

I have Mr Greenjeans blocked. I still need to sew the button on, but it will be ready to wear tomorrow to spinners. I'll have pictures to share on Sunday.

I have been diligently working on the spinning challenge. I have spun all the silk so far. Now onto other elements of the challenge. It will be interesting to see how everything works out and to see what everyone will make with their challenge fiber.

Happy knitting & spinning. Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mid-Week Knitting

I have to show you what I found yesterday as I was checking out the plants in the sun-room. Susan was such a beauty that I thought I would share my copy of Susan also. This is the third year in a row that she has bloomed. It always amazes me that this amaryllis continues to bloom year after year. It must like the sunshine in the corner of the sun-room.

I got out for a bit tonight and attended UFO night at the LYS. I haven't ever done this before, but it was fun and I got a chance to catch up with a couple of people that I haven't seen in a while. Four people were working on socks, Tish was working on a baby hat, one lady was working on an Aran design and one girl was trying out a stitch pattern. Me, I was working on the third (in a month) baby sweater. It is almost done. I am really liking how the yarn is working up. I will bring it to spinners on Saturday to show it off. Along with Mr Greenjeans.

Last night I packed more boxes. J-g's old room is beginning to look like a storage unit! I still have a lot to go, but I can see some progress. I need to get the stuff in A-g's room packed before she gets home in two weeks. Her stuff is already packed from when she went to Bolivia. The stuff in her room is extra clothes, blankets and so on.

Well, I still need to do my spinning requirement for today. The silk is working up fairly quickly now. There's still one divided ball left to spin, so it shouldn't take very long. A couple of hours maybe.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Finish Baby Sweater

This is the latest project. Are you tired of baby sweaters yet? I have one more to do for my boss's daughter's baby, due in a couple of weeks and then it will be baby sweaters for the grandbaby due the end of July.

This sweater worked up in under a week. It is the same pattern I used last time. The only modifications I made was to do six rows of garter stitch at the bottom of the sweater. I like how the front ended up with a pink and a blue side. It wasn't intentional but, it looks kind of cool I think. The back was not so defined by color. It worked up more variegated like the sleeves did.

I have three full bobbins of the superwash from the Sheep Shed spun and about half a bobbin of the silk spun. The silk is spinning up better than I thought it would, but I have yet to ply it. I still don't know if I actually like to spin silk. As Lyn told me, it is spinning up about how I spin most of my other fibers. I don't know if I actually like the color it turned out to be. It might make a difference when I have it plied.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Busy Saturday

Yesterday morning there was a heavy frost on the trees and windows again. I can never get the pictures like these, but I can sure enjoy the beauty for myself.

The frost on the branches was very interesting. The boys thought I was crazy taking pictures and wandering around. They don't think I'm anything but crazy, so I guess it doesn't matter. As you can tell, there is still an awful lot of snow around here. This afternoon, I went to loosen up some of the ice on the sidewalks and the water was just running down the street under the ice. I was able to get some of the ice off but, there is still a lot there.

I have finished all the knitting on Mr Greenjeans. See him there relaxing in the sun? I still have to weave in all the ends, block the sweater, and sew on the button. But, I could be wearing this sweater tomorrow. What do you think?

I spent the morning packing boxes and finishing Mr Greenjeans. I then went to lunch with the birthday group and when I got home there was a phone call saying that my uncle and aunt were coming up tomorrow to get the piano. It's their piano, I've just been borrowing it and now it is going to another home. Consequently, I packed the piano books and pictures that were on the piano. Maybe that is one way to get me to go through things and pack! I will miss having a piano in the home, even if I don't play it all that often. It is nice to have the piano just in case I want to play. Besides, I'm sure ES is glad to not be moving it now.

I was able to do some spinning on the silk project today. I have two ideas on how I want to finish this yarn, so I might have to do some experimenting and see which I like better. We only have six weeks to get this project finished. That's not very long when you consider how fast this past week has gone by. And we, the boys and I, are going to be gone for ten days the end of the month and I probably won't take this project with me.

Happy knitting & spinning. Don't forget to "spring" forward tonight!

Sorry the link doesn't work. I need to learn how to do this!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Mom! Sorry, no pictures. Couldn't find one of just her on my computer.

I started a new project last night and it is about half-way done. I should have pictures for you on Saturday. The Greenjeans sweater is still waiting for the button bands and I haven't even picked up the sock from last Saturday's class. I also started spinning the silk for the silk challenge. I'm not sure I like it all that well, but I am making sure that I have plenty of twist in the singles.

The days, weeks and months are just flying by and I'm not getting anything done that I should be getting done. The packing is going very s-l-o-w-l-y. I need to get my butt in gear and get stuff packed up and cleaned up! Life is going by too fast!

Happy knitting & spinning.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plant purchased and home grown

First up today, I have to show you the Flowers ES brought me on Friday night. Yes, it is flowers with a capital F. I love to get flowers from him and he always makes me feel special when he gives them to me. And the Flowers smell s-o-o-o pretty. As I walk by daily, I have to take a sniff. It's required, you know.

Next. Remember this baby sweater? I took it to it's intended recipient this evening and "Momma" really liked it. The baby won't be able to wear it for a few months, maybe even a year, but that didn't matter. "Momma" really liked it.

I have been working on Mr Greenjeans. I have both sleeves done and am ready to start the button band. It shouldn't be too much longer until the sweater is done and keeping the chill off. I think I will really like this sweater, but will have to wait until it's done to know for sure.

Last of all, I have to show you the new blossoms on the Christmas cactus. This is the first blossom I have seen that is standing upright. They usually are hanging bloom down. I have really enjoyed all the blooming plants in my house this winter. It has made each room the plants are in much more cheerful and warm.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mini Vacation

ES surprised me with a night away from home. This was the view from the hotel window Friday night. It was very relaxing to spend some quality time with him without kids, work, and the responsibility he really came home to do. Even though we had lots of stuff to do on Saturday, Friday's time together made the weekend seem to go smoother.

This was the sunrise Saturday morning. I took this just after 7 am. I had to pick up R (only one car), so I was up and going anyway. Then I went back and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with ES, before the rat-race started. I'm really glad ES thought to get us away for a night and spoil me. Our own mini vacation.

Saturday morning was the sock class. This is Debbie Bass, she is the designer of our sock this month and also the class teacher this month. She also is a dyer and spinner and has some lovely yarn upstairs in the LYS. One of these days I may even buy some instead of just drooling over it.

I thought I had a yarn that would work for this sock, but the more I looked at it the more I didn't like it. Instead I purchased this lovely peach shade of Opal. It shows up the pattern so much better than the original yarn would have. I have been enjoying working the pattern, but it is taking some concentration to follow the pattern. This may not be as quick a knit as last month's sock.

After the sock class, Kim and I went to lunch. It was nice to spend some time just talking without having to hurry to get somewhere or do something else. Kim, thanks for inviting me!

I finished spinning all of 'Dew on the Moab Desert' and it is all plied. I ended up with 1105 yards from what I thought was 12 ozs, but I really had 16 ozs. Do you think it will be enough for a pi shawl? I guess all I can do is try, right?

I also finished spinning all of the brown roving from Notlwonk Springs. I had a pound and a half which I spun. I don't know the yardage of this fiber yet, as I still have to ply the rest of it. I have a little over three bobbins to ply.

I also started spinning the fiber below. It was purchased at the Great Basin Fiber Fair this past September. It is from the Sheep Shed Studio. The colors don't show up very well. They are mostly greens and pinks and they are spinning up very nicely on the Hitchiker. Yep, you guessed it. It's the spinning project for under the computer desk and it is going fairly quickly. I do have about a pound and a half of this fiber also.