Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amaryllis and a Shawl

Things have been busy around here, just like it is every where. I have been knitting and watching the flowers bloom.

The shawl is the Forest Canopy shawl and I should have blocked pictures in the next week or so. I ended up using 349 yards out of the 350 yards that I had. The shawl is a little small, but will fit the intended recipient nicely, I believe. I really enjoyed making this shawl and am looking forward to using it again in other shawls I make.

I have also been busy with baby knits. I should have a picture or two to show before very long. They are a pretty quick knit, the BSJs.

To close, I'll leave you with a picture of the amaryllis blooming. It had four blossoms on it, but became too top heavy and ended up leaning against the wall. I can't get a good picture now and the blooms are starting to fade pretty quickly.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cherry Blossoms and Dishcloths

Yesterday, I took "C" and a couple of his friends downtown to see the cherry blossoms. They were pretty much gone, but I thought I got some pretty good pictures. The wind was blowing the blossoms from the trees pretty fast. In some areas it looked as if there was pink snow. There were definitely less people there this time around. I took time to look around the tulip garden before meeting up with the kids by the tidal basin. This red tulip was really pretty blowing in the wind. There were so many tulips around DC yesterday.

My amaryllis is getting ready to bloom. I may have blooms for Easter. This picture was taken yesterday. Today the blooms are separating out and more pronounced. I love to watch it bloom.

Last night after knitting group, I remembered that I needed to take a wedding gift to work with me today. I have Sugar and Cream cotton in the stash, good thing, so I made both of these simple dish cloths. The creamy colored one, on the bottom, I made last night before bed and the blue one I knit up this morning while reading the blogs. Katie's last day of work will be tomorrow, but I won't be working there tomorrow, so she got this today. I hope she will remember all of us when she uses these dishcloths.

I have been busy knitting lots of different things. They are getting close to being finished! Maybe some finished shots soon.

My spinning is coming along nicely also. I am using the Lendrum this week and the Spring Fling is spinning up quickly. I will have to do some plying soon, as I am almost out of bobbins. I need to get pictures of the fiber I just finished spinning on the Traditional. It turned out pretty good and will make a pretty something. I should have pictures soon, when I can get some time to take some good ones.

Well, off to do some binding off before bed. Happy knitting and spinning.