Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Belated E

I was remiss yesterday in not mentioning that it was "E's" 23rd birthday. I can't believe that that much time has passed since I became a mother. E was a very good child. In fact, I have said on numerous occasions that it was a good thing he was first in the birth-order or I would never have had the others. He isn't perfect, but then none of us are. He has turned into a wonderful young man, husband, and father. I'm glad he's in my life, even if he is 2500 miles away.

Happy Belated E!

And happy birthday to E's uncle Alan. Nineteen years apart to the day. Alan called when I went into labor with E on the 10th and said, "wait until after midnight to have that baby!" Granted, he called at like 11 pm on the 10th. Yes, Alan, I'm glad you're in my life too. But, I am glad that most of the teasing is over with. You're better to live with when your not a teenager!

Happy knitting & spinning.

PS. Just a note, I will be posting pictures of finished projects on Ravelry soon. I know the people they are intended for aren't on there. And no, C you can't cheat and get on there to tell people what they are getting.


AlisonH said...

Happy birthday to my fellow December babies!

LDSVenus said...

Ahh, Happy Birthday E. They sure do grow up fast!!! My first one was my easiest as well, hmmmmm. hehe, I'm glad I didn't have my daughter first, she was 22 days early and she ate every 3 hrs until she was 9 months old. I was sooo tired. If she had been my first, she would have been an only child :P.