Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back with Pictures

Seeing as how this is the first post with pictures in such a long time, I thought I would show you my recent purchases. The most recent is the book which I got from Nature's Yarn. This yarn store is pretty close and is open on Wednesday nights for knitting. Guess where I spent a couple of hours last night? I picked the book up yesterday, also. There are a number of patterns in this book that I would like to knit up. While reading through the book, I saw that I knew one of the test knitters. I have even taken a class from her at the fiber fair in Idaho Falls many years ago.

The purchase before the book are these three skeins of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the color-way Moccasin Trail. I believe there will be enough to make a shawl to go with my dress for the wedding in October. This fiber is s-o-o-o-o soft. The colors aren't really true, go check out the website for more accurate colors.

This bright orange is my purchase from Brown Sheep Wool Company from when "C" and I visited their place on our trip across the country. I purchased two skeins of Cotton Fine in this color, because I thought it would make a pretty shawl for "J" and "K's" wedding in October (this is one of "K's" colors that she had chosen for decorations and flowers). She now wants the Mothers in the maroon, so that's why I get the Bearfoot now. "K" is going to get the orange shawl to remind her of the wedding day.

The adjustment to the DC area has been gradual. I am learning new things every time I go out. I can find a few places without the GPS system all the time, but I keep it handy just in case. I think that once I get a job that will help also.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Regular Posting Resumes

It's hard to believe I've been gone from here for 15 days. So much has been going on and we haven't had internet hooked up yet. The living room finally looks presentable and the kitchen is fairly well put together. Now just tackling the basement and bedrooms. We have way too much stuff!!

I have been busy knitting though. I take a few minutes to knit every day, just because I need the unwinding. I started a new shawl. Surprise, surprise. This one is for the wedding in October. I actually am going to try and get two shawls done before the wedding, but we'll see how that goes.

We've celebrated "C's" 17th birthday and are now getting him enrolled in school. He starts here a week from tomorrow. There are still some things we would like to see and do before school starts, but I don't know how much we will get done.

Next post I will have pictures! Happy knitting & spinning.

Monday, August 11, 2008

We Have Arrived

We arrived in Fairfax last Wednesday afternoon. What a long drive! But also pretty fun. We stayed two nights with my sister and family in Minnesota, stayed a night with my SIL and family in Indiana and while there got to experience a tornado warning, lots of wind and about 10,000 lightening strikes in an hour. "C" and I also went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and took a tour of the track and wandered around there for a few hours. We both had a lot of fun there and "C" picked up some memorabilia.

Tomorrow, we will actually be able to move into our new townhouse. I am so excited to be back in our 'own' place. I have a general knowledge of where I want most of the stuff to go, but it will be better once things are in place, I think. The plants all looked like they survived the move, although I haven't taken them out of their moving tubs yet. I did have to transplant the aloe while at my sister's. It looked as if it had gotten sun-burnt so I transplanted the little ones and rearranged the tub placement in the car and it seems to have survived so far.

"ES's" favorite place to check out is the local library. A library card is one of the first things he got when he moved here. A couple of days ago we went and I picked up a couple of knitting books to read in my spare time. Surprise, surprise!

In the past few days I have even been able to get some spinning done with the drop spindles I brought with me. It felt good to spend even a little time participating in my favorite hobbies.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tour Today

Just checking in and letting you know we are half-way to our new location.

Tonight we are in Pierre, SD. Last night it was Casper, WY. Tomorrow it will be with my sister and her family in Manakto, MN.

Today, "C" and I got to have a tour of the Brown Sheep Wool Company. Man, what a fun time. "C" even enjoyed the tour and was caught, by Sherry, looking into barrels and touching fiber. He didn't like the time I had spent in their shop, but we were only there for about an hour and a half, so he doesn't have much to complain about. He says I have t-o-o-o-o much yarn as it is. I say, 'we can never have too much Brown Sheep!' I will show pictures of all I bought when I am in Fairfax and have my own computer to use. There is quite a bit of fun stuff. I only bought what I could fit into the car and you have to remember it's f-u-l-l. Alan says I have a "fricken" jungle in there. I'll have pictures to share of that also. I hope the plants survive the trip.

Better go check on "C" who happens to be in the pool tonight.