Monday, February 8, 2010

No Going Out in This

If you haven't heard, we have had a major snowstorm here in the DC area. I got home from work at about 3 pm Friday and haven't been out of the house since then, except to shovel and walk Cleo. It has been very nice to not have to worry about going places or doing lots of things during my days off. Church was even canceled yesterday! You can find more pictures of the snow on Flickr.

Consequently I have gotten some spinning and knitting done. I started my first bag of my own personal fiber club. This is BFL from Gale's Art that I picked up at the Montpelier fiber festival last October. There is 4 ozs in the Gum Ball color. It is spinning up very nicely.

I also got to wear a new pair of hand-knit socks. It only took me about six months to make this pair, but now that they are done they have been worn almost constantly. They kept my feet nice and warm while out shoveling on Sunday. I have made probably 25 pair of socks, but this is only my second pair for myself. The rest have been given as gifts.

This picture is of the first batch of yogurt which actually turned out. The first batch didn't set and was used in smoothies. This batch was done in the crock pot and was really good. My favorite way of eating it is to spoon some into a bowl and then put some strawberry topping for ice cream onto it. So good! There is about one cup left of this batch. It's time to try my hand again at making yogurt and hopefully it will turn out as good again.

Well, back to my spinning and knitting. I finished one thing which I'll blog about when it gets to it's intended recipient. I have pictures. I've also started new projects which I would like to get farther along before going back to work tomorrow.

Happy knitting and spinning.