Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Happened the Year I was Born

I couldn't pass up doing this week's Ten on Tuesday and discovering what the headlines were in 1962. I definitely don't remember what happened then, but I have heard about some of them. Let's see what they were:

  1. Polaroid introduces color film prints which develop in 60 seconds. Does anyone remember Polaroid?
  2. 90% of Americans own a television set; ABC begins broadcasting in color.
  3. The World's Fair is held in Seattle.
  4. Maury Wills breaks Ty Cobb's single season stolen base record.
  5. Industrial robots introduced to perform repetitive manufacturing tasks.
  6. Lt. Col. John H. Glenn, Jr. becomes first American to achieve earth orbit; his Mercury 6 mission is followed by two other Mercury flights.
  7. Telstar becomes the first communications satellite intended for regular service; relays television signals between North America and Europe.
  8. Blowin’ in the Wind, Go Away Little Girl, Days of Wine and Roses, The Loco-Motion, Sherry, Monster Mash, Big Girls Don’t Cry where all released.
  9. I’ve Got a Secret, Beverly Hillbillies, Route 66, The Flinstones, and the Price is Right were all broadcast.
  10. And finally, Marilyn Monroe dies of barbituate overdose at the age of 36.
What happened the year you were born?

Happy knitting and spinning.


Anita said...

I STILL think Polaroid's are way cool!

LDSVenus said...

Very cool!! But if I told you what happened the year I was born you would know how old I was. Besides my children are sure it was then the dinosaurs were on the earth :P.

Be sure and post a picture of that wedding duster when you get started, I'm would love to see it!!!