Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

Ten on Tuesdays

Carole says the Ten on Tuesday topic this week is 10 Things on my Mind Right Now.  That shouldn't be too hard.

1.  There are only 54 days left in this year!!  How did that happen?

2.  I really need to get the baby gift for E and A's new baby sent.  Our first grand-daughter is now two months old and I haven't even sent her gift yet.  It is already to go.  I just have to put it in a box and take it to the post office.

3.  I really should get back into blogging.  I have so many projects finished or in progress that I could talk about.

4.  I'm really glad I voted this morning and didn't wait until on the way home tonight.  Traffic was really crappy tonight.

5.  I'm not really ready for cold weather.  Although it is nice to wear all my hand-knit sweaters.  I have two I want to make right now, but those will have to wait until 'have-to' knitting is complete.

6.  I wish there was less clutter in our house.  One goal for next year--clear the clutter in the house.

7.  Isn't it true that there is always job stuff to worry about.

8.  I sure wish I could find more time at the spinning wheels right now.  There is so much fiber to be spun and it's all fun to spin.

9.   Seven Tuesdays from today it is Christmas day.

10.  Pictures, pictures.  I need to clear the memory card on the camera.

11.  I'm glad I get to take walks with the handsome man in the picture below.

Taking a walk across the new bridge to see how much water Sandy left us with.