Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"C" in his Thorpe

Yesterday morning I took "C" and a couple of his friends up to Whitetail to do some snowboarding. "C" is in the picture walking by himself and the other picture is of his two friends.

They all had a pretty good time, but "C" would have liked to have had at least one of his brothers with him. He loves to snowboard with them and they challenge him to go on harder runs. The boys with "C" were not as daring as "C" and his brothers, so "C" was a little board not going on the harder runs.

"C" had worn his Thorpe hat, while snowboarding, which I made for him for Christmas. When we got home, "C" says that both the other boys have wondered if I would make a Thorpe for them also. I thought that was a compliment especially seeing as how Nathan is almost always wearing an earflap style hat whenever I see him.

This picture of "C" was taken a week or so ago. Now out that window you can see our first measurable snowfall. There is quite a layer of ice outside also. "C" is happy, school and seminary were canceled for today. ES and I still have to go to work, but "C" gets the day off. And he can use it! He's a little sore from all the snow activity yesterday.

I spent some of yesterday working on the baby sweater. It is coming along, but not very quickly. I haven't spent much time knitting lately. I have been doing some spinning every day and that is taking my knitting time. I also have been working quite a bit and that takes from the knitting time also. I am hoping to get some finished items before very long, but it will probably be spinning projects.

Happy knitting and spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

Looks like your son had a good time and I know you were looking forward to some snow. You can have mine too :P. I love that hat, where did you find the pattern? I'm working on gauntlets for a couple of co-workers (gifts) and then a pair for my grand daughter. Do make sure you post a picture of the skeins when you are done spinning. My spinning has suffered greatly since my move to a colder place. When it gets warmer I will start spinning again. My son keeps his house down to 62 and I just can't tear my self away from the blanket long enough to spin :P.