Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunrises and Surprises

Seeing as how it is Monday morning, I thought I would share last Thursday's sunrise with you. It's the dawning of a new week. School, work, play, knitting and spinning all need to have their beginnings, just as the day has to have it's beginning. I like sunrises and enjoy watching them. Walking Cleo in the mornings makes for a perfect time to watch the morning colors. I don't get to see the evening colors very often as I am at work. It's not very often that I remember to take my camera with me on these morning walks, but on Thursday I did remember it and the colors were all so pretty.

On Friday night, when I got home from work, ES asked me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. He did this four times, each time he handed me something different: twice it was a book on the constellations, once a cd of Bob Marley which promptly went to "C" (he has already listened to it), the last time he handed me these two skeins of Malabrigo. One in the colorway Coral and the other in the Caribeno color. I asked where he had gotten everything and he said the Smithsonian was having a "garage" sale and he had picked the things up there. He wondered if he had gotten a good deal on the yarn and I told him he definitely did.

BTW doesn't the Coral color match the Thursday sunrise?

Now just to figure out what to do with these two skeins of silk/merino blend. I'm thinking a cowl. It would be nice and warm and soft up against my neck on those cold morning walks. So glad ES thought of this fun surprise!

Happy knitting and spinning.


Anita said...

Beautiful colors! In the sunrise and the new yarn. I don't see colors like that too often in our sunrises.

Sheryl Kenoyer said...

For some reason, my computer hadn't updated your blog for days and so I had several to read. I hadn't even seen the one with the picture of me spinning on your wheel! Thanks for putting that on - it will always be a great memory. Spinning class was awesome - I really love this wheel. Missed you last night - hope to see you soon to catch up!

LDSVenus said...

What an awesome companion you have, I really need to get me one of those, but alas, I can't be sure he would be awesome ;P. The colors for the yarn are very pretty, he has good taste and you better post a picture of a finished cowl. Are you getting the cold weather that just passed through here? BRRRRR