Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching Up

So, there has been a lot going on around here. C left yesterday to spend a month in Idaho with his brothers, sisters, and friends. Before he left, he wanted a new hat. His old one was lost in a puddle on a rainy day about a month ago. He reminded me he wanted to take it with him to Idaho on Sunday. I finished this hat by Monday morning and had him modeling it. He chose the colors and yarn from the stash. Now I just have to make some hats for all his friends that have requested them.

The first hat which I knit about a month ago, right after C lost his other one, ended up being too small for C and has since found a home with his friend Nate. I haven't seen it in use, but C says it has been worn. C also picked the yarn and colors from the "stash". What a great stash buster.

I have been watching the blossoms on the pumpkins growing in my planters on the balcony. There are quite a few blossoms and I am hoping to get a couple of pumpkins out of the deal. I also have some blossoms on my cucumbers and some green tomatoes on the vine. I just have to remember to water daily, as the planters dry out really quickly.

These are the skeins of yarn I picked up while in Chicago. The green is Dream in Color Smooshy (Happy Forest). I really like this color and there is 450 yards. The other skein is Alpaca Sox in colorway # 1858 with another 450 yards. They are both "my" colors, but will probably be knit and given as gifts.
Don't know yet to whom they will be given, but I'm sure someone will pop into the mind.

The last picture is of the clouds last night. They were really spectacular to watch as I sat on the balcony spinning. The colors of the sunset and the depth of the clouds were quite a combination and kept me entertained for an hour or so. That's what happens when I get home from work while it is still daylight, I get to watch the sky, people going by, and spin on the current wheel.


LDSVenus said...

I love to watch the clouds! I use to lay in the grass during the wonderful warm (non humid) days in New Mexico and watch the wispy little clouds go by. Oh what wonderful memories!! Those are beautiful skeins of yarn, do post a picture of what they become. My children aren't into hats, even when it's -50 :P. They wouldn't want to mess up their hair :P. They perfer hoods. sigh.

sue said...

I love the hat!! Is it your pattern? Might be a good one to make for Steven who is in Calif!! sue