Monday, November 9, 2009

I am Still Around

I figure it is about time to let you know I am still around and knitting. I am really enjoying my one full-time job and am getting used to a set schedule with two days off a week.

On Halloween we had a going away party for Carri. I presented her with this scarf which I spun and knit for her.

I forgot to take a picture of her in the scarf, so am hoping she will send me one. She is heading back to the Utah area and will be sorely missed by all at work. I will be calling her often though and asking for advice and instructions, I'm sure. And I am sure that the scarf will get plenty of use. She is always cold.

I also decided I was tired of spinning what I have been working on. I pulled out a 4 oz bump which I got in my fiber club installment from the Yarn Pirate and I am about half way done spinning it.
This colorway is called Haunted and I am really liking how it is spinning up. It is a superwash and I am spinning it in my usual modified long draw way. I think this will make a really pretty three ply and will make a good hat for one of the boys. I will show pictures of the spinning and finished yarn when it is completed.

I have also gotten to attend knit nights on Wednesday night again, one of the perks of the full-time---no more 9 pm closing shifts either--job. Granted, I won't get there until after 7 pm, but I get to interact with other knitters on a weekly basis.

Maybe I can get back into regular posting mode, also. But that might be stretching it. Oh well, off to enjoy my day off and meet a friend for lunch.

Happy knitting and spinning.


Anita said...

I like the scarf! Nice colors and very pretty. I'm glad you're enjoying having only one job. How is the training going? Are you feeling more secure with the whole idea yet?

LDSVenus said...

I like the design on that scarf, I know it will be well worn and loved :). Glad you have just one full time job, it really does help to have that stability. Gonna have to get me some of those puzzle things for blocking ;P. I saw some at Thiensons (spelling) but they were $20 and I'm not ready to pay that much yet.

I look forward to your pictures of the that spun yarn, it's an intersting colorway.