Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aunt Gloria's Shawl

I was finally able to get pictures of my aunt in the shawl which Corb was holding up in the last post. Aunt Gloria says she really likes the shawl and has worn it already. It ended up being a good size for her. I am glad she likes it and will use it.

There hasn't been much going on around here besides work, commute, and taking pictures of flowers.

The photo of the plied yarn is the Gale's Art BFL 4ozs that I picked up at the Montpelier Fiber Festival last October. I did mostly a two ply which turned out fairly well, but then I had a little left over which I Navajo plied and I really liked how it turned out. After finishing the plying of it, I wished I had done it all as a Navajo ply and done away with the two ply. But I will put the two ply to use as some type of a shawl for the 10 in 2010 challenge which I am not doing too well on. I do have another shawl on the needles though and it is coming along fairly well.

There has been such beauty around these parts. Everything is blooming and I am have fun taking lots of pictures of the flowers and the contrasts of colors. I am also learning about the setting on my camera and trying to use them a little more.

I have been a little more consistent in attending Wednesday night knit nights and that has helped with renewing my desire to knit more and spin more. I am needing to whittle a little more time from the day for those activities, seeing as how life is changing some around here and the time that used to be there isn't there anymore.

Off to get some things done before church. Have a great week. Happy knitting and spinning.


LDSVenus said...

The shawl looks great on your aunt :). There is something so fun about spinning the yarn, knitting it and then gifting it to someone.

Gorgeous spring picture. I love spring, it is my favorite time of the year!! Everything comes back to life, I love the green and various colors and the smell of freshly mowed grass!!! What a wonderful blessing spring is!!!

Anita said...

I LOVE that picture of the temple! That is beautiful!