Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

It has been hard to come up with a topic to write about here, when my spinning and knitting has slowed down. I am still knitting and I just finished plying two different fibers, but haven't taken pictures yet. So I thought I would join the Ten on Tuesday group. At least, that would motivate me to post on Tuesdays.

Today's topic is: Ten ways to Entertain a Child. Taking into account that my baby will be nineteen this year, some of these ideas may not work so well in present day. Also take into account that I only had boys in my house.........

  1. Lego's, these would keep the boys entertained for hours and they played with them even into their later teen years. Every once in a while they still play with them even as adults and as fathers.
  2. Bubbles, especially when they were younger. The boys would chase them for as long as someone would blow them.
  3. Puppies/kittens. Boys and animals chasing around the yard, enough said.
  4. Dirt. Enough area in the yard that the boys could dig and get as dirty as they wanted. Also a wonderful area to play with........
  5. Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars. These went with us everywhere, because it would keep the boys entertained while we were out of the house. A very versatile toy which showed up in their Christmas stockings every year. To go along with the Hot Wheels......
  6. A Fabric Town Mat. Ours was made by my mother with customized names for the lakes and schools. It's still around here somewhere just waiting for the grand kids to come visit.
  7. Fisher Price towns. We had the school, the A-frame house, the two story house and the barn. The boys would set these up and play for hours. I still have a couple of the buildings and most of the people, animals and cars tucked away waiting for young children to visit our house.
  8. Coloring books. This worked very well at Church and they usually stayed quiet during the meetings.
  9. Bikes. My kids rode all over town and loved to be on their bikes.
  10. Paper Airplanes. It's amazing what kind of airplanes the boys would come up with, but you could always count on paper airplane contests to get the boys in a better, more cooperative mood.
It will be interesting to see what else people come up with.

Next time there will be some spinning pictures, until then - Happy knitting and spinning.

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AlisonH said...

My parents always had a birdfeeder, and I highly regret that I didn't have one for my kids while they were growing up. Mom and Dad had bird books and if we asked what something was, they would make us go look it up.

They taught us respect for living things--and how to quietly, patiently observe.