Thursday, October 7, 2010

Since attending the Montpelier Fiber Festival on Saturday, my desire to sit at the spinning wheel and get some spinning done has increased. On Monday I was able to go to a new friend's house and spin for a couple of hours. She is a new spinner and is doing a wonderful job with her spinning.

I remember what it was like when I first learned to spin. There is a fiber guild in Pocatello and I was invited to attend. For the first couple of meetings, I would go in and watch everything that was going on. I would watch how Edie, Phyllis and Anna Lucy spun and then I would go home, take my wheel out of the car, and sit down and practice what I had seen that day. That's right, I wouldn't even take my wheel into the guild meeting. It just stayed in the car until about the third meeting I attended when something was said and I said my wheel was out in the car and Edie had me bring it in so I could spin there. That was twenty years ago and since then there have been many enjoyable hours spent at my wheels.

I am so glad I made the comment to R & C's father saying I would like to learn how to spin and then he and Tim got me a wheel for Christmas that year. I don't know what I would do without my spinning now.

This is the last bump of fiber I purchased at the fiber festival last Saturday. As you can tell, there is a little bit of green, but it is very muted. I really like all the fiber that I've added to my stash. On Monday I started spinning the second to the last batch of fiber I picked up at last year's fiber festival. So this bump will probably sit in the stash for about a year before I get to spinning it. But then again, the anticipation of wanting to see how it will be as yarn may take over and it will be spun quickly.

What was your first spinning experience?

Happy knitting and spinning.


Anonymous said...

Mine was when I was little, I don't really remember when, probably in the forth grade when you taught my class about it. We were using drop spindles made from a dowel and old internet sampler CD's with a rubber grommet holding the CD in place with a hook at the end of it. I can remember that the wool was all wadded up in some spots and in others it was a surprise to see it held together with almost nothing there. Either that or it was when we accidentally spun some of the wool that you had laying out on your wheel at the time, before remembering that we were supposed to take the string off when we wanted to play with your wheel.

Anita said...

No experience, and honestly no real desire to try, but I find it absolutely fascinating to watch you work on your drop spindles and the wheels.