Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lavender and Polworth

Sunday was the perfect day to go outside and get some pictures. There is lavender blooming again in the pot on the front steps. It's not as full of blooms as earlier in the summer, but still pretty and smells really good.

Sunday was also the day I finally finished plying the Polworth in the Water's Edge color from Misty Mountain. It is four ounces of a variegated blue which I really like. I chained plied it, wanting to keep the color variations. Not to mention, chain plying is my favorite form of plying.

This was the maiden fiber for my new to me Kiwi. It only took me two months to spin this fiber. Maybe it took so long because I have too many projects going right now. Four other spinning projects (no time limit on these) and about twelve knitting projects which I would like to have done in time for Christmas.

Now I have to find the perfect spinning project to put with with Kiwi. There is two ounces of silk going onto the Lendrum, four ounces of Crosspatch Creations going onto the Scholar, four ounces of "Fiona" going onto the Traditional, and four ounces of fiber from River's Edge going onto the Hitchiker. Can you tell I like the four ounces? They are perfect for a shawl or small accessories. Plus I usually don't get bored with spinning the fiber before I am done with it.

Well, off to do my daily spinning. Happy knitting and spinning.


Anita said...

Love the closeup of the lavendar. Great shot! That blue fiber is really pretty, too.

LDSVenus said...

That yarn is a beautiful color blue!! Do post a picture when you get it skeined off. :) The lavendar is very pretty, I've not seen the real plant, only know the smell from all kinds of things now that have the lavendar scent. I might have to grow one :).