Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PIF Package

In February Vicky posted that she would like to do a PIF Challenge. I signed up and last Tuesday I received a package in the mail. It was a very fun package too!

Vicky is a very talented lady and I have really enjoyed getting to know her through the blogosphere. Her blog is one of the first ones I started reading on a regular basis just about three years ago.

There was this wonderful bag in the package which Vicky had embroidered. I love bags and can never have enough project/tote bags. This one is going to be my knit night bag from now on and it states what I like: 'knitting with handspun'.

Vicky had also included the book One Skein-30 quick projects to knit. I had looked at buying this book a couple of times, but hadn't yet decided. I love having it available now. Vicky had also included some chocolate bars. ES and C said they would take them off my hands if I decided I didn't want them. They haven't succeeded!

There is also four ounces of a wool combed top from Eagle's Find Fiber which sadly is closed at the moment. The colorway is Deep Blue Sea and it is really pretty. The Scholar is calling it's name, having been freed from it's fiber last week and is currently sitting bare.

There were two dishcloths in the package also along with a candy tube and a googly eye pen. When C saw the pen he took it and ran wanting to show his friend how fun it was. I had just been thinking it was about time to make some dishcloths, mine were looking pretty yucky.

Thank you, Vicky, for the wonderful package! It was a fun surprise and I really am going to enjoy everything you have included. I am thankful to call you a friend!

Happy knitting and spinning.

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Anita said...

Goody bags in the mail are so much fun! I'm glad it was a great bag for you!