Monday, October 12, 2009

AE Goes Home From the Hospital

Thought I would share the picture the kids sent me of AE going home from the hospital. He is using the dishcloth afghan I sent for his baby shower. I am so glad he is getting lots of use from it already.

This has been a busy weekend. ES ran the Baltimore marathon and did really well. I'll post pictures when I get them downloaded. I worked all day yesterday and will again today. I got to spend some time spinning this morning and I have a knitting project almost finished. There should be pictures soon.

Enjoy this day! Happy knitting and spinning.


Anita said...

He's darling! It's weird to think that he could be one or even two before I ever meet him, since we won't be heading that way next summer. Who knows about the summer after that. Same goes for the 2nd of your grandsons!

LDSVenus said...

Oh he's tiny - you forget how small they are when they start growing, what a cutie :).

I'm glad your honey was feeling better and got to run. Wish I could see what others get out of running, I don't even like walking, I do it, but I dont like it ;P. I'll look forward to pictures of your newest knitting project. What are you spinning?

AlisonH said...

What a relief that he got to go home and start the normal part of life with his parents.