Monday, October 5, 2009

Dropping in After Way Too Long

This past month has just flown by. There has been knitting, spinning, work, gifts to send, a new baby and one due this week, trips to plan, airplane tickets to buy, a fiber fair to attend, a cooking class and just life. For some reason though it seemed to get away from me. I really didn't mean to not post for a whole month, but that is what has happened.

First let's talk about the gift giving: With two grand babies due in October, one a first child, there was baby knitting to be done. This stack of bibs was sent in time for a baby shower for K & J-b's baby, who is due this week. They were fun to make and I hope will be well used. The cream colored one is one I came up with the pattern for and I really like how it turned out.

I also sent along this dishcloth patterned afghan made with an acrylic/cotton blend. It worked up really quickly with large needles and was a mindless knit on those nights after work when I needed to unwind and let my mind quit racing.

There is other baby knitting, but I will save that for another post.

Our second grandson was born Sept. 20 at five weeks early. He weighed in at 5 lb, 3 oz and is now up to 5 lb, 7 oz. He is still in the hospital, but hopefully just for another week or so. He is eating well and he is breathing on his own and from what his parents say, is quite a little trooper. We are anxious to meet him and his soon to be born cousin, hence the airplane tickets.

I took a cooking, well really a baking, class last week. We learned how to use meringue, besides for lemon meringue pies, which we didn't do. We made these really cute mushrooms!

Don't they look real. Ruth, our hostess for the class, said that she had made these for an open house and put them on the dessert table. No one ate them because they looked so real. I brought home the ones I had made, to share with the guys. They both got quite a kick out of the mushrooms and C said he was going to call R and tell him that "Mom is giving my mushrooms". Besides looking cute, they really are good and sweet. They just seemed to melt in your mouth.

The final two pictures today are of my new drop spindle. It is a Trindle with red granite orbs. It spins really well and is down right fun.
I came home and got out a sample of punta/wenslydale which Vicky was kind enough to send me to sample. It is spinning up very nicely and I am enjoying it.

I have also finished spinning some fiber which was on the Scholar. It is on the niddy noddy now and I will get pictures of it soon. There is a project in mind for it, so I want to get onto it soon. Well, as soon as I finish up a couple of other things first. Too many projects and too many proposed projects, but isn't that the way we all work. What is on your project wish list?

Happy knitting and spinning.


Anonymous said...

Those mushrooms do look real!

Congrats on a new grandchild! I'm glad to hear he is doing well, and I hope he's out of the hospital and home soon.

Did you make it to Montpelier this weekend?

Anita said...

I love that afghan! The mushrooms look really cool, too. I've never tried making meringue. Was it easy or hard to do the mushrooms?

sue said...

The mushrooms looked so real! did you get your spindle in Montpelier? We missed you last night for the knit along! Yeah, I joined!Also, just found out new baby Kaitlyn Nicole will be born in February! Is your pattern for bib for sale???? I would love to make them! sue

LDSVenus said...

Wow girl you have been sooooo busy!!! The baby bibs are so cute, and because they are cotton they will be very appreciated I am sure. :) My daughter was 22 days early and weighted 5 lbs & 4 oz, aren't they so tiny?!!! I got to bring her home with me, probably because she wasn't quite as early as your grandson, I will keep him in my prayers.

Those mushrooms are so cute and yes they look very real!! I'll look forward to the pictures of the skein of yarn. I also love that spindle, it is soooo unusual!

AlisonH said...

Best wishes to the grandbabies for good health.