Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pay It Forward

I walked out of the front door Monday evening at dusk, to take the dog for her walk. The colors in the sky were just gorgeous. The only thing---this is facing East! Shouldn't my colors have been in the West? Anyway, they were really pretty, almost as pretty as some hand spun yarn I'm working with right now.

I know what's being made and who it's going to and I'm sorry to say, Vicky it's not coming your way.

Vicky at contacted me about doing a Pay It Forward exchange. I have never done one before and thought it would be a fun adventure. I have read about them and been envious, but never joined. Now I am doing so!

Here it goes----

The guidelines: "I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise!"

The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

"Want to participate? Be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post and make the same promise on your own blog.

Not So Random Acts of Kindness and 365 days to do it in!

So, here goes! If you're interested in participating, just be one of the first three people to post that you would like to PIF! You don't have to be a knitter, you can hand craft - crochet, weaving, sewing, stamping up cards, anything that is "your thing".

Come on---you know you want to join us in the fun.

Happy knitting and spinning.


LDSVenus said...

Count me in girl!!!

Sheryl Kenoyer said...

Me too! This is a great idea! I will be glad to PIF!