Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday the Football Edition

Today's topic is 10 Reasons to Watch Football. This one isn't really hard for me, but I like the college games better than the pros. There are also a few more of them to watch which works really well when......
  1. It's not very long until Christmas and when better to work on all those knitted gifts.
  2. The Weather is starting to cool off. That means it's sweater wearing time again.
  3. I can get more time at the wheels while watching the games. I really need a reason to spin more.
  4. Friends and family seem to gather together more during a game.
  5. Food. Some of the best snacks are football snacks.
  6. Did I mention Knitting time?
  7. It's a good time to take an afternoon nap and still not miss much of the game especially if I'm watching by myself. ES isn't a big football person, but he will watch with me occasionally.
  8. Reminds me of my dad and watching high school games with him. That also meant spending time at the field getting all the lines white again and passing out uniforms in the basement of the gym. Yeah, this only worked when we were younger.
  9. It only lasts a few short months.
  10. Yeah for knitting time!!
What do you like about football season?

I am almost finished spinning what is on the Kiwi. Soon I will have finished yarn to show you.

Happy knitting and spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

I love football!! I'm more of a pro's fan than a college fan, but I'll watch whatever I can find ;P. My mom was the sports nut in my home. My dad couldn't have cared less, but he watched because my mom did (he loved her)!