Friday, August 13, 2010

My Spinning Circle

Yesterday I got to leave work early, because the power was out again, so I came home and spent some time at the spinning wheels. I set up my spinning circle. I really like how it is set up and that I can spend some time at each wheel with different fibers.

The first picture is of the Crosspatch Creations fiber which I picked up in Logan when I was there in July. It is being spun on the Scholar.

This fiber, the vibrant reds, greens, and golds, is silk which I am spinning on the Lendrum. There are two ounces which I am hoping to get balanced bobbins and ply two ply. I am thinking a scarf or shawl with it, but am leaving myself open to ideas. There isn't much on the bobbin yet, but it is the fifth bag in my own personal fiber club. This means there are only two bags left and I should have them done before the fiber fair in Montpelier. At least I would like to have them done before I bring in too much more fiber.

This is my spinning circle. Clockwise from the back right to the front left: the Lendrum (silk), the Kiwi (Polworth), the Scholar (Crosspatch Creations), the Hitchiker (my own batt preparation), and the Traditional (Yarn Pirate, Heart of Gold from her last Booty Club). The circle has worked really well. I just turn my chair when I want to change to a different wheel. I am trying to spin at least ten minutes each day on each wheel. I'll see how long that lasts, but I've been having fun with it so far.

Happy knitting and spinning.


sue said...

I love the spinning circle! A great idea!

LDSVenus said...

That is a quite a collection of wheels ;). My problem would be that I would not be able to make myself leave one wheel after 10 min to go to another one if I'm having too much fun with an particular fiber. :) I'll look forward to pictures of the progress and the spun fiber.