Monday, August 9, 2010

New to Me

Today was a good day. I knew there was a reason why I would remember 8-9-10. I have missed having a piano in my home and have haphazardly been looking for a keyboard/piano since we moved to Virginia. Last night while browsing Craig's List, I saw a keyboard which had just been listed at a price I could afford and it looked like it would serve my purpose. I called and we arrange to meet today. I got to bring her home and have had the chance to sit down and play with her for a little bit. I don't play very often and very seldom in public, but now my desire to play sometimes can be met. She doesn't have the weighted keys, but for me to relearn hymns it will be just right. Besides there is a whole slew of songs on there, I can use it when I want music to spin by and don't want to use the MP3 player.

I also had the opportunity to purchase a used Kiwi, about two weeks ago. I really like how she is spinning. The Kiwi is a little harder to cart around than the Lendrum or the Scholar, but she fits really well in my spinning wheel circle. I am working on my second four ounces of fiber on her. The first fiber I spun on her was a bump of fiber from Notlwonk Springs (second section down on that page). I think it was the last bump of prepared fiber I have from them. The second four ounces is some Polworth I purchased from Misty Mountain when I went up there with Sue three weeks ago. The Polworth is spinning up very nicely. It's that pretty blue on the bobbin right now. It's called Water's Edge and I'm pretty sure I know what I want to make with it.

I have been pretty consistent at sitting at one of the wheels each day and getting some spinning time in. It has helped relax the tension in my shoulders to spend that time at a wheel and on top of that I am getting a lot of spinning done. Before I know it I will have spun up all I had set out to accomplish in my own personal fiber club. There are only three bags left.

Happy knitting and spinning.


Liz U said...

I thought you were looking at a Blue Bell (Blue Bonnet? The one from Texas...)

You'll have to share on Wednesday.

sue said...

Oh no! three bags left!! Good thing the shows start up again at the end of Sept! sue

LDSVenus said...

That is a cool looking little wheel!! Eventually I plan on adding to my wheel collection to, but it will be sometime next year I am sure ;P.

Anita said...

I knew you took piano lessons but I don't remember EVER hearing you play. I didn't think you did any playing anymore. Huh. I've learned something new today.