Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally Getting Things Together

Yesterday I had the house to myself. Some projects that have been waiting around finally got to me. I hung pictures down the staircase. Don't look at them too closely, I don't think all of them are hung evenly. This isn't all the pictures, just the ones I have unpacked so far.

"C" put together the bookcase on the left yesterday afternoon after school. Today I put the one on the right together. I had to wait until "C" got home to be able to stand it up though. They are really heavy bookcases. And yes, those are boxes in front of the bookcases. We put these downstairs in the family room. We also put together two bookcases in the living room and one in "C's" room. I think we may have enough bookcases now! In our home in IF we had built in bookcases, so we never had to worry about where to put books. Now we have to worry about it.
It will be good when all the books and magazines are put away!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the knitter's group again. I even kind of knew where I was going and didn't need the GPS when it told me to go straight, I knew I could get there faster if I turned. It was really nice to get together and just work on some things around other people. I worked on a pair of socks. They have only been on the needles since July and I needed to get them done. Since the socks are now done, today's knitting has been all about the shawl I started on Tuesday.

Next time knitting pictures. Happy knitting & spinning.


Anita said...

I love the bookcases. Where did you get them? We need a couple of bookcases downstairs so we can empty out about three boxes of books. But, hey, what's the hurry. We've only been in the house for three years.

LDSVenus said...

Wow all your pictures have frames :P. I'm getting around to getting frames for mine tho, eventually. :)

I haven't had room for bookcases so my books are in the clear plastic rubbermaid containers, you know the long ones that you can shove under your bed? :). Glad you are getting things done, I know it takes a bit of stress off for each box that gets unpacked and each item that is put away. Sigh, right now I'm just trying to get boxes so I can pack.