Friday, September 26, 2008

Lunch with ES

On Wednesday I went into DC to have lunch with ES. After lunch I had the chance to wander around a couple of the museums by myself. I wandered where I wanted and stayed as long as I wanted in any one place. I think my favorite place that day was this waterfall on the mall side of the building. I hadn't seen this when the boys and I were there in March. I took the time to listen to the water rushing over the rocks. It was a quiet sound when compared to the people and the traffic. Wednesday was also my first time getting out of the metro in the wrong spot too. ES had to come find me. Luckily I was only a few blocks away from where I was supposed to be and I probably could have found my way around, but I just kind of froze and had to call. The lunch was outside the Hirshhorn building where it was really windy. We had hamburgers, chips, pop, and dessert. Not the best of lunches, but the company was good.

My shawl project is almost done. Only about three more rows and then the bind off. The next project is planned and ready for the needles. I bought the yarn for it Wednesday night at Knit night.

"C" had his first accident since moving here and consequently the first trip to a doctor here. He either broke his thumb or has a very bad sprang. We took x-rays yesterday, so we will know in a couple of days whether it is broken or not. For right now it is in a splint and wrapped pretty good. Not too bad, six weeks or so in between visits to the doc. Pretty good for him.

Off to finish the shawl. Happy knitting & spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

I had to laugh when you said 6 weeks between doc visits was good for "C". I have a son very much like that. sigh. You've gone pretty quick with that shawl. Don't forget to put a picture up. :) I do the same thing when I get lost in a place I am not familar with, I have anxiety attacks and freeze :P. I too finally started a new project. :) So much to do so little time to do it in. :)