Thursday, November 6, 2008

"K's" Shawl and Upcoming Plans

The leaf pattern shawl done in the Brown Sheep Cotton Fine modeled by my new DIL, "K". She was very gracious in receiving this shawl. Don't know if she will wear it often, but it would be great for taking to church when the chapel is a little chilly. The color looks good with her blond coloring, to add to the appeal.

Last night at knit night Sheryl and I arranged to attend the Stitches East market on Saturday. This will be the last time it, Stitches, is held in Baltimore. We would like to go and Sheryl has never been to a market before. I've never been to Stitches, but I've been to SOAR. We are leaving early Saturday, so we can get lost without any worries about being too late. Neither one of us has been to Baltimore, that I know of, so this should be interesting. I'm taking the GPS just in case.

My sweater is progressing very nicely. It's a top-down raglan and I'm past the arm divide. I still like how it is coming out, but now I am to the boring stockinette stitches which sometimes takes forever.

I went for a job interview yesterday, but the lady doing the interview had to leave on a family emergency. Don't know when that will be rescheduled. Can I tell you? I hate looking for a job that I will like and I'm not very good at talking about my achievements and good points. Oh well, the search will go on.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

The shawl looks wonderful!!! It is so beautiful. I guess all chapels for our church are kinda chilly ;P.

Are you going to work part time of do you have to work full time? Less time for spinning and knitting that way. :( In 3 years I will be able to go down to part time, and I certainly will :P.