Monday, October 13, 2008

Don;t Enjoy the Day Too Much, Something Might Happen

On Wednesday night at knitters, people were talking about going to Great Falls. I thought "C" and I would enjoy that, so I said we would go. When we got to the "meet up" place no one was there who was going. Esther and her husband, David, had already left for Great Falls. So "C" and I headed on up there. We had a mini detour along the way. I took the I-66 instead of I-495, so we had to get off, turn around and retrace our route, taking the right turn instead of the wrong one. Esther and I had a good time sitting out by the visitor's center spinning and talking with the people asking questions. There were a number of people that wanted to know what we were doing and where we got our supplies. It was fun to share what we know!

This Great Falls is nothing like the other falls I am used to, like Yellowstone or the falls in Idaho Falls. "C" did say that the falls at Great Falls did kind of remind him of the Idaho Falls falls. We spent some time watching five kayaks as they played in the water under the falls. That was fun to watch. "C" got some pictures which I should have brought downstairs with me, but I didn't.

On the way home from Great Falls, I got a call from ES. He and "A-b" had had a roll-over. He said that and then his phone went dead. I didn't know whether they were ok or not. I couldn't get him and neither could "C". ES called about half an hour later to say they really were ok and it was their car that had rolled-over. ES had over corrected! He says "A-b" will need some stitches on his forehead and in his hand. ES is just shook up and his elbow hurts. Thank goodness they are ok. There was all kinds of thoughts going through my head when I couldn't get ES on the phone.

I have pictures to show of FOs. Although one is still drying and I only have a "blocking" pictures. Should have photos tomorrow or Wednesday morning before leaving for IF for "J-b" and "K's" wedding on Saturday and "A-g" and "G's" sealing on Thursday.

Happy knitting & spinning and tell someone close you love them!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tag Five Things

I know that this 'tag' has gone around before, but my sister just tagged me (again) and I really should respond to her. It's the 5 Things.

Tag - 5 Things.......

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
  1. Separated from husband.
  2. Raising four boys on my own.
  3. Working three jobs at once.
  4. Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with the boys.
  5. Buying my first newer car by myself.
5 Things on today's to do list:
  1. Take A-b to Battle of Bull Run civil war site.
  2. Finish laundry.
  3. Work on 2nd clue of Mystery Sock.
  4. Make dinner?
  5. Plan tomorrow's sight-seeing.
5 Snacks I enjoy (unhealthiest to healthiest):
  1. Skor or Heath bars.
  2. Any chocolate/carmel combination.
  3. Popcorn.
  4. Red grapes (frozen).
  5. Homemade smoothies.
5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire (you mean "when"):
  1. Pay off debts.
  2. Put money aside in investments.
  3. Travel to Australia and Ireland.
  4. Buy another spinning wheel.
  5. Help kids.
5 Places I've lived:
  1. Pocatello ID
  2. Dayton OR
  3. Portland OR
  4. Idaho Falls ID
  5. Fairfax VA
5 Places I've worked:
  1. Home - as a mom - hardest job (Sorry Anita - had to copy cuz it's true!)
  2. Pharmacy Tech
  3. Albertson's as a lobby manager, bookkeeper, customer service booth, video counter - that covers just about 20 years, don't you think it's enough? Oh, okay, two more----
  4. Restaurant bookkeeper.
  5. Medical office help
Okay, I hope you've learned something more about me. Anita, I'm not doing anymore tags! At least for a while.

If you are still reading, here's a picture of the fiber I bought this past weekend at the Fiber Fair at Montpelier. I am taking pictures of the fiber separately and will tell you a little about it, the fiber, as the days go by. I am spinning the fiber in the middle on the Ashford Traditional. I haven't spun on that wheel in a while and I thought it was about time to get her out, dust her off, and give her a good workout. It is spinning up nicely and I'll have pictures on the next post. I'm too lazy this morning to go get the camera and download the pictures right now. I have to have this fiber spun by the first of December, because I have promised to loan the Traditional to a lady who meets with us Wednesday nights for a beginning spinning class. We are going to get her hooked on the spinning also!

Happy knitting & spinning.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shearing Demo

Saturday while attending the Fiber Fair at Montpelier Station, we watched a gentleman shear a sheep. It was interesting. I don't remember if I have ever watched a shearing before, I don't think so. I know I have heard about it and talked with Ora about how Irv would shear. But I enjoyed watching someone actually shearing. It was a good interlude to shopping and keeping track of everyone.

I spent a bit of time spinning yesterday and continued working on socks. "A-b" and I also went to a couple of museums: the Udvar-Hazy and the National Firearms museum. "A-b" was ready to leave both museums way before I was. We started taking the free tour at the Udvar-Hazy and "A-b" only lasted about 15 minutes before he was complaining that he was hungry and he couldn't stand there any longer. I think I need to go back without children and take the tour again. Today is slated for the National Zoo, but then "A-b" and ES stayed up way too late and I don't know when we will get into the Zoo.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Monday, October 6, 2008

DC Last Friday

There has been a lot going on these past few days. There might be enough to keep me going with blog fodder for a day or two. On Friday "A-b" and I headed into DC so that "A-b" could be introduced to ES's co-workers. The other purpose behind the trip was so that father and son could spend some time together in our new area of residence. "A-b" and I wandered around the Jim Henson exhibit and then met ES for lunch and a walk through the moon garden. This hibiscus picture was taken there.

After lunch father and son went to the American Indian museum and I got to visit my favorite place, so far, in DC-The botanical gardens. That is where this yellow flower picture was taken. It was so nice to just wander. I didn't have to worry about where anyone was. I could just sit and look and relax all I wanted to. There were more begonias this time than the last time I went. There are so many different varieties and I keep thinking I would like that plant at home. But then ES is glad I don't have them all at home.

I finished one spinning project and started another. This fiber on the Lendrum is from Judy's Novelty Wool in the Spring Fling color. I picked it up at the Idaho Falls Fiber Fair this past May. Imagine that, spinning a fiber the same year I bought it! It's a good thing to spin this, as I bought more fiber this past Saturday. But, more on that in another post. This bobbin is now almost completely full. And it holds almost one complete 4 oz bump of this fiber. I have two bumps of 4 ozs for spinning. I really like how the colors are coming out.

Well, off to plan the sight seeing trip for "A-b" today. If you haven't already, go back to this post and guess how many socks I'll get done in Socktoberfest. You could get some sock yarn if you guess correctly.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now????

There hasn't been a lot going on around here. We did go yesterday to get "C" a new phone. His quit working about a week ago and it was time that I could get a new one, so I did. I got a newer version of my old phone, but this one is in purple. "C" now gets to use my old phone which is pink. He doesn't like that too much, but if he wants a phone he has to go with it!

I have spent quite a bit of time lately looking out the front window. I have enjoyed watching the birds land in the tree right outside. It has given me something to watch as I have sat at the spinning wheel for my ten minutes a day spinning time. During my ten minutes daily I have been able to spin a number of fibers from the stash. I latest has just been washed and when its dry I'll take pictures to post. Now to go stash diving again for something else to spin on the Lendrum.

"A-b" will be here this evening for a ten day stay. He is out of school for spud harvest and hasn't been out here yet. He is flying by himself, don't know how that will go over-but will find out tonight. We have trips to DC planned and battlefield to visit. Don't know how much we will do, we have to save some stuff for his next visit. ES will be working so the sight-seeing will just be the two of us. "C" will be in school daily, so he can't come.

I started a new sock for Sockotberfest. I kind of want to see how many pair I can get done during this month. Anyone care to guess how many I can get done in October? Remember, I am taking a trip back to IF for ten days! I will send sock yarn to the one how guesses the closest. Okay, if it's one of my family members ( I know you don't knit!) I'll send you a pair of socks.

Well, today I will become an official Virginia resident and get my Virginia driver's license. So off to accomplish this.

Happy knitting & spinning.