Monday, October 13, 2008

Don;t Enjoy the Day Too Much, Something Might Happen

On Wednesday night at knitters, people were talking about going to Great Falls. I thought "C" and I would enjoy that, so I said we would go. When we got to the "meet up" place no one was there who was going. Esther and her husband, David, had already left for Great Falls. So "C" and I headed on up there. We had a mini detour along the way. I took the I-66 instead of I-495, so we had to get off, turn around and retrace our route, taking the right turn instead of the wrong one. Esther and I had a good time sitting out by the visitor's center spinning and talking with the people asking questions. There were a number of people that wanted to know what we were doing and where we got our supplies. It was fun to share what we know!

This Great Falls is nothing like the other falls I am used to, like Yellowstone or the falls in Idaho Falls. "C" did say that the falls at Great Falls did kind of remind him of the Idaho Falls falls. We spent some time watching five kayaks as they played in the water under the falls. That was fun to watch. "C" got some pictures which I should have brought downstairs with me, but I didn't.

On the way home from Great Falls, I got a call from ES. He and "A-b" had had a roll-over. He said that and then his phone went dead. I didn't know whether they were ok or not. I couldn't get him and neither could "C". ES called about half an hour later to say they really were ok and it was their car that had rolled-over. ES had over corrected! He says "A-b" will need some stitches on his forehead and in his hand. ES is just shook up and his elbow hurts. Thank goodness they are ok. There was all kinds of thoughts going through my head when I couldn't get ES on the phone.

I have pictures to show of FOs. Although one is still drying and I only have a "blocking" pictures. Should have photos tomorrow or Wednesday morning before leaving for IF for "J-b" and "K's" wedding on Saturday and "A-g" and "G's" sealing on Thursday.

Happy knitting & spinning and tell someone close you love them!


Aubrey said...

I love you! Let me know if there's anything we can do.

Anita said...

Oh no! Was there much damage? Where were they?

LDSVenus said...

Oh my goodness! I guess the car is a total loss? I hope the elbow is ok, did he get an xray? Sorry they had an accident, that is always so scary, for them and for you. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Great Falls and that you at least had fun spinning. I think it would be great fun spinning and having people ask you questions, because after all that isn't something they see everyday. :)

Liz said...

Holy Cow! I'm glad everyone is all right!