Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictures of MS&W

Seeing as how I can get the pictures to download today, I thought I would share pictures of what I purchased at MS&W (finally). I only bought one skein of yarn that was from Tess Designer Yarns, where Liz bought her microfiber ribbon yarn. This pretty aqua color will end up being something for ES's step-mother, I think.

The second purchase was 8 ounces of merino fiber dyed purples, pinks blue and some green. I passed this by on the first walk through the vendors and hoped it would be there when we went back. I am not sure it was the same batt, but it is pretty and spinning up nicely. It's on the Hitchiker right now.

The most "have to have" purchase was from Creatively Dyed. I love her fiber and colors and couldn't pass up getting some more of her fiber. I love the colors and feel of this fiber and can't wait to get it onto the Lendrum on it's next rotation into spinning time.

The only animal picture taken was by Liz of the alpaca we saw as we started wandering around Saturday morning. They were so cute!

The final picture today is of the one bloom on the newer Christmas cactus. The bloom is now gone, but the older cactus has two blooms getting ready to open. I love it when flowers bloom when they aren't supposed to.

Next up, I have some finished yarn to show and a couple of baby sweaters almost ready to go. So much going on. Happy knitting and spinning.


LDSVenus said...

I am amazed that your Christmas cactus is blooming again at this time of year, and completely jealous :P.

What wonderful fiber you got!!!! Someday I just have to get me an alpaca, they are so totally cute and what fiber to spin!!

Glad things are going well for you but sorry you are as busy as I am, because that leaves us with little time to spin etc. sigh.

sue said...

It was a wonderful time at the MDSW show despite the rain rather monsoon! I want to also thank you all so much for rescuing my keys from the seat of my car at the show. I was sure I was going to have to spend the night in Misty Mountain's booth with Linda and her family! What a day that was! You were lucky to come on Sat because on Sunday we were wading in lots of water in the booth! Thank goodness for straw!! sue