Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Baby is Not a Baby Anymore

My baby is 18 today!!

Not the best picture, but he took it (or a friend took it) and it is recent.

It's hard to believe that all my boys are now old enough to vote, old enough to be responsible legally for their own actions, and to be on their own. C will be with us for this his final year in high school, then who knows what will happen.

The past 18 years have just flown by, C isn't really that old, but the calendar doesn't lie.

Happy Birthday C!!


Anita said...

Happy birthday C! Tell him that mentally he definitely isn't that old!

LDSVenus said...

I know what you mean!! My baby just turned 28!! Oh where does the time go? When we are young we are sure time would never pass, and as we get older, it goes by way to fast!