Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Circular Baby Afghan

Here are pictures of the second circular baby afghan I made for one of the babies due in October. I really had fun with this pattern. The main body of the circle was done in Plymouth Encore yarn and the outside edge was done in a stash yarn. I didn't make the afghan to scale, my row gauge was off. But I think it turned out good anyways.

There are many more projects in the que. They are getting completed, slowly.

Off to have dinner with ES and C, for C's birthday (yesterday). Happy knitting and spinning.


LDSVenus said...

That is a cute lace design on the bottom of the afghan. Is this your own design? Have a great dinner :).

Anita said...

Turned out great!

Sheryl Kenoyer said...

I love it! I think those circular afghans are adorable! Good job!

sue said...

I love the circular designs! Those are my favorite in lace. Didn't think of doing one in something other than that! Looks Great....when are you coming back on Wed!