Monday, August 10, 2009

Spinning and Tomatoes

This past Summer has been a busy one. So many things to do, along with work, and places to go, people (A-b) visiting and going places with him.

We've had fresh tomatoes from my garden, the planters on the balcony. I also have had a cucumber and lettuce. There have been plenty of pumpkin blossoms, but no little pumpkins yet.

I finally completed the spinning of 8 ozs. of a merino wool that I picked up last October at the Montpelier fiber festival. It seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to spin this fiber. I have had it on the Scholar since November.

This is what the yarn turned out like, it's a little washed out in this photo. I am not too pleased with the plying job, but the yarn is knitting into a really nice shawl, so far. There are color changes from purple to green with a little blue and white thrown in there also. I really do like how the shawl is turning out. I hope the intended recipient will like it also. I ended up with 1038 yards of a 2-ply fingering/lace-weight yarn. I think there is enough to finish the shawl I'm working on and then some fingerless mitts or some other small thing.

I am hoping to do better at posting on the blog. School will start the 8th of September, so I need a schedule worked out by then and with a schedule I think I will post better.

Well, off to get something done before work. Happy knitting and spinning.


Anita said...

Those are pretty colors! It's exciting that you have ripe tomatoes, too. I have a ton of tomatoes, some are even getting BIG, but none are showing even the slightest bit of red yet. I'm growing impatient!

LDSVenus said...

Wow, I really like the color(s). It turned out really nice. You should post of picture of the roving you were spinning with the finished skein :). Gives us good over all picture of start to finish and what a particular colorway will look like spun up :). You know all of us inquiring minds out there. :)

I've taken to picking my tomoatoes green and letting them ripen on the window seal, they aren't getting ripe on the vine very quickly :( Well all except the grape tomatoes which are going crazy :P.

AlisonH said...

That sounds like the ideal yarn to me. Very cool.