Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missed Ten on Tuesday

Yesterday's Ten on Tuesday topic was 10 Things to Bring on Vacation. These are the things I just took on my vacation:
  1. Knitting project.
  2. A book to read.
  3. Back-up knitting project. The first one could be finished, you know.
  4. Camera. You never know when you'll see the Blue Angels flying overhead and need to get a picture or two or three.
  5. A Sudoku book.
  6. The GPS.
  7. A back-up, back-up knitting project. You'll never know when you'll be stuck in an airport.
  8. Water bottle with my favorite drink packets.
  9. Gifts for the grand-babies.
  10. Patience and a happy attitude.
Why yes, all three knitting projects came into play during my last trip. It did help that I had layovers and flight delays on both legs of my flights. I just relaxed, knit, played sudoku, and watched people for the ten hours I was at different airports. I was ready to come home though and sleep in my own bed.

Knitting content coming soon. There are some finished projects that need to be blocked and photographed.

In the meantime, Happy knitting and spinning.


Anita said...

I was very lucky to not have any delays on any of my flights! And I forgot to post the pictures I got of the Blue Angels. I guess I better put up another post!

LDSVenus said...

Glad your trip went well and that you were prepared for those pesky lay overs :).