Monday, September 17, 2007

Not enough time

This weekend went very fast! I did get to go to the Great Basin Fiber Fair, although I didn't get to stay for very long. Aren't the Alpaca cute. They were sure inquisitive and cute to watch. They wanted to know everything about where they were and any strange noises close to them.

This gentleman was fun to watch also and did a good job with the girl scout troop that was there. It was interesting to listen to him answer their questions and talk about the craft.

I'm ready to go back, but without any other commitments for that day! I am interested in seeing if any others from the fiber guild went and what they were able to come up with there. I guess I will see this weekend when the guild comes to my house, hopefully!

I've been busy knitting on some socks. They will be gifted! They are coming along really nicely, but are taking me quite awhile to get done. I am going to be taking a monthly sock class on the first Saturday of each month. Maybe that will motivate me to get some socks done!

Happy knitting and spinning!

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