Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knitting goal in sight

Sorry, no pictures today. I haven't done anything that I can take pictures of. Its all for Christmas and I don't want to post the pictures and spoil the surprise. I have two of eight items for completed. Not too bad for three months away. Now if I only don't find more patterns that I think I need to make!

I've been sitting at the computer for the last hour, catching up on blog reading. I've also been spinning on the Hitchiker. When R left the room he said, " I thought I heard the spinning wheel, but I thought she was on the computer." It's nice to know, I can still surprise my boys once in a while. I have spun about half a bobbin in the past hour or so. It's nice to actually get some spinning in.

Today, I also made a wrist distaff for my new drop spindle. I even tried it out and it works fairly well. The only thing is, I made the tassels a little too short! Oh well, I still have plenty of materials to make another distaff.

Okay - I couldn't get away without at least one picture. This is Cleo. Don't know how C managed this picture, but I think its kinda cute!

Happy knitting & spinning.

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