Monday, September 3, 2007

Carding fun

On Friday, I took this slightly felted roving (it had been in the indigo dye and didn't take, so I redyed it last Sunday) and tried to predraft it. The predrafting didn't work. So I tore off little sections and carded them together. The blends turned out really well. And it is spinning up very nicely. I had to take off what I was spinning on the Scholar and spin some of this blend up.

The blend here is kind of dark, but it is turning out really well. From the picture above, you can tell there is blue, green, orange and a little bit of purple in the mix. Some batts are turning out more blue and some are turning out more orange, but they are all blending really well.

On Saturday I wasn't feeling really well, so I spent most of the day on the bed knitting. I finished knitting the shawl and now need to block it. Once it's blocked I'll put a picture up. I started the second Christmas stocking. Yes, we got another wedding invitation, so I really need to complete the other one. I turned the heel by Saturday night, did a couple of sections last night and only have two more color changes to do and it is finished. The two stockings don't match exactly, but they are close enough.

Enjoy the Labor Day! Happy knitting & spinning

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