Friday, August 31, 2007

Just knitting along

There isn't much new going on around here. I am working at least two rows per day on the shawl. It is progressing slowly. I haven't sat down at the wheel except for twice this week.

Where has all my time gone? Since "R" had his accident almost two weeks ago, our family has spent numerous visits to the "Doc". "R" with the accident, the next day with "ES" for bronchitis, two days later for "ES" when he still wasn't feeling better (then it was pneumonia), four days later it was "ES" and "C" ("ES" for a check on his oxygen levels and "C" for a sinus infection), two days later is was "ES" and "R" ("ES" for oxygen levels again and "R" for strep throat). It has been a really long week or two!

I am looking forward to the weekend, although I have to work on Sunday. I am hoping to get some knitting and spinning projects finished.

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Anonymous said...

That's way too many sickies for one week. My Jonathan was home from school Friday, but I think that was a case of "you mean we have to go to school every day?" Since it is Saturday, he has magically recovered. Have you managed to avoid the germs or have they caught you too? -- Lyn