Monday, July 30, 2007

Spinners weekend

This is what happened on Saturday. Lots of knitting, spinning and talking. Lynn was really interested in the socks Becky had made and asked lots of questions. We met at Heather's new house, what a beautiful place! A few of us also went to the new yarn store in Pocatello, Mustard Seed Dreams. What a neat store!

I got more of the "sea foam" spun, you can see it in the background behind Lynn who is sitting on the floor. It really is working up nicely! This is the project that is dedicated to the Hitchhiker until completely spun. I have one more full ziploc of fiber left.

On Saturday evening, ES and I attended a Chukar's game. I took my knitting with me, so I had my own little "Stitch & Pitch" night. I got the blue baby sweater almost completed. I took a couple of pictures with my phone camera, but I couldn't figure out how to get them to here. The Chukar's lost, by the way. It was a boring game except for when the foul ball came our way and hit ES in the stomach and bounced off his leg. No injuries for him, not even a bruise! I thought I would be hit for sure!

Well, all for now. Happy knitting & spinning.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thought there'd be pictures

Well, I thought there would be pictures today, but the little dokicky thing is missing still.

I am over half done on the baby sweater and should be done this weekend. It is the fiber guild meeting tomorrow, so the sweater will make a good project to take along, as well as the Hitchhiker. The plying of the Angel's Landing is coming along also. I ply for a while and then go onto something else. Eight oz. of lace weight is an awful lot to ply!

Tonight, after work, ES and I get to go to dinner with some friends. Cami and I have birthdays two days apart, so we are having dinner together to celebrate! I'll let you know how the new restaurant at county line road is.

Well, off to get ready for work. Happy knitting & spinning

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Sweater

I did take a pictures of the baby sweater I've been working on for the past few days. But I can't post it because ES took the thingymcbob that transfers the pictures to work with him. I will post the pictures later. Maybe I need to get a thingymcbob also!

It has finally cooled off a few degrees and I can spin without the fans blowing directly on me. I picked another fiber from my stash to spin. This is fiber that has been in the stash for ten years! I will get pictures of it for the next post also. This blog has been a great motivator to spin more of the stash and accomplish more knitting.

Happy knitting & spinning!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Dance is Done

Crosspatch Creations' Plum Loco is done with the dance with "the Scholar". I started spinning this on July 18 and finished last night. The plying I did today! I think this is the fastest I have ever spun 4 oz. of wool. I really enjoy working with Joan's blends. This is the third time I have worked with one of her signature blends and I know it won't be the last. This blend spins up very quickly and is a pleasure to work with.

This is Plum Loco sitting nice and pretty on the niddy noddy. The colors turn out so differently from the pictures taken outside. And I have a huge window in the front of my living room letting in lots of light. I think the picture that depicts the best and truest color is the one of the plying on the Lendrum.

I have also finished the spinning of Angel's Landing and will post pictures when I get the plying done.

I am currently working on a baby boy sweater, just in case Carol's new grand baby is a boy. I am working on a top down raglan and it is working up fairly quickly, even on size 3 needles.

Well, back to knitting. Happy knitting & spinning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Scholar has a new dancing partner

The Scholar has a new dancing partner and it is Plum Loco! It is from ( Crosspatch Creations. I have enjoyed spinning it so far. I started yesterday about noon and as you can see have just about a third of a bobbin spun.

I like this just as much as the Iced Lemon & Lime I spun last month. This will make a lovely scarf for someone for Christmas.

Well, off to work. But, before I leave, here's a picture of the fiber taken in the afternoon sunlight yesterday.

Happy knitting & spinning.

Monday, July 16, 2007

One FO

I had to work all weekend, so I didn't get much knitting or spinning done. I did spin half a bobbin of "Angel's Landing" and work on a different wedding gifted Christmas stocking. This Christmas stocking is of my own design and is evolving as I knit. It's kind of interesting to see whats happening as I knit.
I did finish this sweet little baby sweater. One of my co-workers is going to become a grandma again and this is for her new grandchild. Here's another view.

I don't know why that left side likes to curl in so bad. I have not blocked this though, so that's probably most of the problem. The pattern is from Loraraine Major's Quick Baby Sweater ( ).

I get to have tomorrow off, so I might get some spinning done then. Well, off to work! Happy spinning & knitting.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Busy Week

This has been a busy with with spinning and finishing up a project for a wedding gift. I finished the Mocha thrums from Spinderella. I really like how it turned out and think it will make nice mittens or wrist warmers and either a hat or scarf. I'm not sure on the yardage yet, haven't counted that.
I have also been busy spinning on the Hitchiker and the Lendrum. The Hitchiker has this "Seafoam" colorway. It is one of my own dying projects and I really like how it is turning out. It is mostly green with a little bit of yellow, light blue and white. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. "Seafoam" may just sit for a while in the stash. I have two full bobbin spun and still have a full gallon size ziplock of prepared fiber to spin.
The next bobbin is my first full bobbin of the "Angel's Landing" from Judy Jackson. I still like how it is turning out and am still playing with what to make from it.
I also completed a pair of Christmas stockings that are going to a newly married couple tonight. They turned out cute, although they are h-u-g-h. I alway seem to have a problem witht the gauge when I do these stockings out of acrylic yarn, I don't know why. I started another stocking to put in the wedding gift drawer. I don't want to have to hurry on the next pair.
Well, I have to get ready for work and the day. Happy knitting and spinning!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend fun

This past weekend has been a busy one with family and spinning. On Saturday night ES's sister, spouse and boys stayed the night. We stayed up late talking and playing. On Sunday morning as I was spinning, the boys were really interested in how the spinning wheel worked and what I was working on.

Not the best picture of the Scholar, I forgot to rotate it before posting the pic. Sorry. The picture does show three full bobbins of thrums from Lynn @ spinderellas. I think I am going to use this fiber for a Christmas present for ES's step-mom. I really like how it is turning out. I have one more bobbin to ply. I am using the "chained singles" or "Navajo plying" with this fiber.

Sorry, you can't see the fiber on the bobbins, but you do get a good look at the label. There is 8 oz. of Mocha thrums, 3 bobbins, not bad! I also worked more on the "Angel Landing", but not enough to warrant pictures yet.

Well, off to work. Happy knitting and spinning!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Sister's Retreat

The week of June 25th thru the 30th was spent with my sisters, mom, and Aunt Gloria. We spent the week getting to know one another again. No kids (except for Anita's new baby) & no spouses. It was a great week! I even got some spinning done.

On the left is "the sisters" & Aunt Gloria getting ready to play Would You Rather. It was a fun time and I got some great pictures of Paula & Anita trying to do their "Would you rather" challenges.

On the right is the view of Bear Lake that we had from the balcony of the condo we stayed in. It was one of the first things I looked at in the morning.

While in Bear Lake, we went to Minnetonka Caves ( Sorry, I haven't learned how to post the website yet. So here's the website to go to to learn more. We also went into Logan and did some shopping. I got some new fiber from Rumplestiltskins and I am excited to spin it up.

I took the Hitchhiker with me to Bear Lake and got a bobbin of white spun and plied for the fiber guild's dye workshop in August. I also spun some of a batch I dyed a couple of months ago. The pictures of that bobbin are on the camera with ES in Island Park, so will get the pictures for that Saturday or Sunday.

It was a great week and I wish I could go do it again in another month or two. It was nice to be off work for awhile and not have to worry about kids and ES.

When we left Bear Lake we came home reloaded the car and headed to Island Park for a family reunion on ES's side of the family. Will write about that when I get the camera back from ES.

I'll leave you with a picture of one of the sunsets. They were kind of bland, but still pretty. My picture taking skills need a lot of improvement especially with the sunsets.