Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Heritage trip

When "R" and I took his Heritage trip, I started as the driver on Saturday. "R" slept the first hour or so that we were driving. This first picture, of the mountains, was taken as I drove up the road from Missoula. The mountain was so pretty as we came up the hill into Arlee. I never got tired of the views as we drove, at least from what I remember this being more than 30 years ago. Man, that makes me sounds o-l-d.

We had to make the traditional stop at the Arlee Apiaries. I remember stopping to get their honey almost every trip to Montana that we made. I can't ever pass there on our heritage trips without stopping to buy honey. "C" said, when we got home, that I had sure bought a lot of honey. I told him, it wasn't all for us. On an interesting side note, a lady in the knitting group who meets at the LYS on Wednesday mornings, is the sister to the owner of the Arlee Apiaries. Her father has bees here in town, or just outside of town, and I have bought honey from him also.

One of the points of interest, and a measure to how close we were to grandma's house, was the windmill house. I remember when it first showed up. It was the big thing when we were little to be the first one to spot the windmill. We knew we were close! Only another six or so miles, but it seemed to take forever. Anita, don't know if you'll remember this place or not. It's at the bottom of the hill, before the Bison Range.

In all the pictures I took, there is quite a blue sky. No wonder Montana is called the Blue Sky Country. I took over one hundred pictures. Some of them from the moving car as "R" was driving. I won't share them all, but some of them have some fun memories attached and those will be the ones I share.

No new knitting to show. Although I do have about three or four projects that I am rotating through right now. There's a new baby in the neighborhood, not "Au's", that I am making the Mason Dixon bib from their book which knits up very quickly. The only drawback there is, I packed all my cotton yarn except for just enough to make the bib (I hope). I have a new pair of socks on the needles and a new baby sweater on the needles.

There has only been sporadic packing done. I will do quite a bit after tonight. I have worked the last couple of nights and will again tonight, so packing has been on the back-burner for the last couple of days.

Happy 4th of July, tomorrow. Enjoy those fireworks. I know I will!

Happy knitting & spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

Your pictures came out so clear and those mountain shots are beautiful. I miss the mountains a lot. New Mexico had beautiful mountains. I know you will be very glad to have the packing and moving over with. sigh.