Monday, July 28, 2008

There is Progress

The stress is getting to the highest limit. ES says it won't get done in time. I say it will, when we can move things out to see the progress. The trailer is here and we can start moving things tomorrow. This is the moving room yesterday evening and the second picture is from just a few minutes ago. We have people coming in the morning to do some painting for us. And along with that we have to rip the carpet up tomorrow so the new carpet can be laid on Tuesday.

There is getting to the point that we don't have everything available that we need, because it has been packed. And NO we are not buying something new to do the job. We are doing an awful lot of borrowing. There is also a-l-o-t of garbage to haul to the dump. I am getting to the point of saying, 'just get rid of it!'

It was hard at church today to say good-bye to my nursery kids. And to a lot of the parents. I know we will be back in the area for visits, but it is not the same as living here.

My niece, Steph, married Brock yesterday, so I did take time to relax and enjoy the family who were in town. It's not often that we have the majority of the family together.

As Mom, Aunt G, and I left the reception last night, I took time to enjoy the sunset. Isn't it gorgeous?

This will be the last post from this computer in IF. The next time I post it will be in our new location in VA. At least a post with pictures. I might sneak a picture-less post from my sister's, half-way through the drive across country.

Happy knitting & spinning.


Anita said...

You can definitely sneak a post while you are here. We have memory card slots in the computer, too, so if you have patience with my dial up then you can post with pictures if you want.

LDSVenus said...

I'm glad that everything is almost done, but I know these last few days will be so hectic. Take deep breaths and keep the Spirit close, he's very good about bringing peace. I will pray for your safty as you travel to your new home.