Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moving Update

Even though I haven't posted lately, I have been busy. I finally wound this "Dark Lagoon" fiber into a skein. It came out really nice for a 2-ply. I do not know how much is there, because I got tired of winding onto the niddy-noddy and I kept losing track of what I had counted. I also have done some other plying and will have that to show soon.

I have been busy working on this little sweater. I had hoped to get it done before last night. I hosted a baby shower for "Au" and had hoped to give her this along with her other gifts. I thought I did fairly well. I only have the sleeves to finish and I started it Thursday night after work, so about 9 pm. I will have it done sometime in the next week or so, so they will get it before I leave also.

When my sister, Paula, came to the house last night, for the baby shower, her first comment was, "I want to see the moving room!" I guess she has been following the updates on the blog and I haven't posted a moving shot lately. So on Tuesday's (I know it's not Tuesday--it got away from me!), I will post pictures for the next two weeks of the moving rooms. Mainly to show Paula that I am making progress with this move which has to be done by three weeks from today.

The second moving room is mainly for the furniture. I have two dressers and two desks in there, along with two beds and their frames. I still have a-l-o-t to get done. The good news is that I have had some interest in the renting our house! So maybe that won't be such a worry now.

Well, off to get today going. Happy knitting & spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

Talk to your visiting teachers, they can organize some help on the packing so you're not so overwhelmed!!! My visiting teaching companion helped me pack when my ex left me. Don't try to do this all by yourself. Your spinning looks awesome, any idea what it wants to become? The sweater is cute, let me know how it is received and maybe a picture of it on the wee one. :)