Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby gifts

Yesterday, I had the funnest time turning these three items on the left into this below:

My friend Stacy will be a new grandma in about two weeks. They had a baby shower for the new mom, Kim, and the little one, Bryson. The receiving blanket is just a square of flannel with a decorative stitch around the edge. The bib is from the Mason-Dixon book that I had borrowed from the library. And the sweater is the "Buttons Cardigan #606" from friends of Cabin Fever. I bought the pattern from here when I was making the baby sweater for Anita and Aaron's little one in May. I did modify the pattern by not putting the collar on and I think I like it better.

The sweater and the bib were the only hand knit items that Kim received at the shower. None of the women there knit, so my friends in the group there were all impressed that I had gone to the trouble of knitting items for the baby.

It was impossible to find diaper pins locally though. I think I could have found some on-line, if I had thought of it in enough time to order them. I ended up using the brass pins for basting a quilt.

Meanwhile, on the Greenjeans front: I am back to where I was before the rip-fest two weeks ago. I am just starting the second skein and am almost to the point where I need to put all the
stitches on waste yarn to try the sweater on. I am working on this while watching the races, because right now all I am doing is knitting and purling, and I can do that almost without looking. When I get to the patterning it will not be race knitting then!

I am still working on my Railroad Rib socks also. I have about an inch to go on one sock for the cuff to be done and then its heel time.

Happy knitting & spinning!

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