Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome to the "Nut House" TG

This has been the highlight of this past week. The wedding of A-g and TG. The wedding took place on Friday evening in American Fork. The drive down wasn't too bad until we hit stop and go traffic in Ogden and then the HOV lane was stop and go in Salt Lake. We ended up being a half an hour late. Thankfully, the bride and groom waited until we got there to start the wedding.

E's girlfriend told him she knew where he got his aggressive driving from now. I didn't think I was that bad!! I was just in a hurry, because we left about 15 minutes later than I wanted to.

I welcomed TG into the "nut house". We are a crazy, weird bunch of family. But we all get along for the most part. Boys will be boys occasionally which makes it rowdy sometimes with knock-out, drag-out fights.

The other fun part about this past weekend was the "Sock of the Month" class which started on Saturday. We are working on a Fiber Trend pattern, the Railroad Rib sock. I thought I was doing fairly well and getting gauge, but decided after a few inches that it just wouldn't work!
I frogged the socks and started again. They are much better now and will fit one of the older, bigger boys quite well.

The socks are working up fairly quickly, I think because of the two row repeat for the ribbing. I ripped them out about 3 pm yesterday afternoon and haven't worked on them yet today. I'm about half way done with the cuff on the left sock, so I'm hoping to get to eight inches tonight before finally falling into bed.

My Greenjeans sweater was also frogged and restarted. I didn't mark the numbers for the size I was doing, so got my count off! Now the numbers are all mark throughout the whole pattern and the sweater is working up fairly quickly, again.

Happy knitting and spinning.

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