Friday, October 19, 2007

Turned the heel, halfway down the foot

I keep wondering if I will have enough of this yarn to finish both socks. E has size 11 or 12 feet and this yarn is discontinued. Tish looked for me, just in case. I was able to knit for about 30 minutes last night and it was so r e l a x i n g. I know I have to have these done by November 3rd, as that is when the next class is, and I need the needles for the next sock. I still haven't turned the second heel yet, but hope to do so when the fiber guild meets on Saturday.

ES brought me a present from DC. He brought a new camera! He said he would take the one I've been using because he smashed the side a few months ago when he had it on a different trip. I couldn't figure out the camera yet, because the instruction book was in ES's luggage which didn't make it home until last night. And when learning about a new toy I like to look at the book and the item at the same time. I will learn though and still take lots of pictures.

Happy knitting & spinning!

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