Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Next Projects

Now that the hats are completed, I have moved on to knitting fingerless mitts. The kids don't like mittens, but I think they will like these. They work really well for driving and all but the two youngest are drivers. I made a pair last year and I really like them. This pair is out of Galway in black. The black is a little hard to work with in a dark room, but is coming along quickly. I have one mitt part done, just have to knit the thumb. I think I will knit the second mitt before doing either thumb. I would like to get two pair out of the one skein. The Galway has 210 yds in it so I will have to see.

I am going to use some of my handspun for the next few pairs. This means I will have to do some washing and winding. Some of the handspun has been sitting in bins for quite awhile. But I think this will be a good way to use some of those skeins that there isn't enough to do any one large project or even enough for accents in a larger project.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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