Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wool washing going on

There has been knitting, but no new pictures of that knitting. Last night while knitting, Becky called to say I was in charge of Saturday's breakfast for the "Retreat". Decisions, decisions. I did learn a technique for muffins from my sister at our "Sister's Retreat". I think I'll use that. Tonight I will need to make up some batter. I won't have time to do it tomorrow.

Last night, I sat at the Hitchhiker spinning for about an hour. I also washed two washtubs of wool last night. I have a goal of washing all the raw wool in my house and garage by this spring (that doesn't mean I'll get it carded though). And if I want to accomplish that goal, I will need to wash some wool weekly, at least. I don't want to pack unwashed wool if we end up moving anytime soon. I want it all clean and smelling nice. Can you imagine what it would smell like in the back of a hot moving van after a week? This morning I am also washing a couple of batches. It's perfect weather to put some on my racks outside.

Today I also need to decide what will be my projects for the weekend. Will I take some spinning to finish up or will I take some Christmas knitting? Or maybe some of both?

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