Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Choir Concert Vests

So, C came to me tonight and said, "I need two vests for choir tomorrow!" Great! It's 9 pm and the fabric stores are closed! That means a trip to Walmart to see if we can find what we need. C is now cutting the paper pattern pieces apart. Then I can pin them out. I think I'm short on his preferred fabric choice. And then try to get them sewn for tomorrow by choir time! No pressure!!!

I thought I would show pictures of the Pi Shawl. Didn't get home until too late for the natural light. I have used all of the first ball of yarn. So, I am further in the knitting than I was when I frogged the shawl on Sunday night.

Hopefully, there will be pictures and knitting content next time. Now it's on to sewing vests! And C and his friend will have to model the vests at the concert and you will get to see the pictures!

Happy knitting & spinning.

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