Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sorry for the Long Absence

These past two weeks have been extremely busy. ES came home on the 16th for ten days. The fiber fair was that same weekend. "R" graduated from high school on Tuesday the 20th and "J-b" came home from his mission on the 21st. We had family here almost that entire time, with someone on the computer every time I wanted to get on. On Sunday we had "J-b's" report and "Au" ended up in the hospital trying to stop premature labor. They, the hospital staff, did get the contractions to stop. No preemie baby! And "E" called this morning to say "Au" is getting to go home today. I know she was getting tired of being there. The doctor is hoping to postpone the baby being born by about four more weeks.

We have set a date for when "C" and I move back to Virginia. About August 1st. My niece announced that she and her boyfriend were getting married July 26 and the grandbaby is due around that time, if not sooner, so we will leave after those two events take place. ES is working on getting us a house. He is putting in an offer in the next week or so, as soon as the financing is in place.

The pictures at the beginning and the end of this post are of the orchid I got at a really good discount at the store where I work. I got two orchid plants and the one blossoming now already had buds when I brought it home. But now it has opened up and has this pretty flower. The second plant has lots of new growth and is forming buds now.

I do have some knitting content to share, but didn't get the pictures I wanted. I will post them on the next post.


Anita said...

I'm so glad that they were able to stop the contractions and that "Au" is going to be able to go home. I'm assuming that she is going to be on bedrest now. Is that a correct assumption? I hope things can calm down a little for you now.

LDSVenus said...

You've had as much going on in your life as I have. :( Where did your son serve his mission?