Friday, May 9, 2008

Sewing Accomplished

The vests were completed. All but the button holes and buttons on Wednesday night. I laid out the pattern pieces and C cut them out. He didn't do too bad of a job, having never done it before. We had all the sewing and the hand sewing done by about 12:30 am Wednesday night. Then we went to bed. I told C he would have to bring them home from school on Thursday, so I could do the button holes and buttons. But Thursday morning I woke up at the regular time, 6:30 am, and couldn't go back to sleep. I got up and finished the vests before the boys woke up for school.

One of the girls from the choir class works at the same place as me. I asked her if C had worn his vest and she said he had. C even said Ms. B liked them and they looked pretty good for their section of 'Oliver' which they will be singing in concert next Tuesday night.

My knitting progress is coming along. I probably won't be at the silk challenge unveiling in May, I will have to work, so have a balled up picture of my challenge project, along with my Pi Shawl. The Pi Shawl is coming along pretty quickly. I had to buy new Addi's in the 47" length and now the shawl fits on there pretty good without being all scrunched up. Thank goodness Tish was having her anniversary sale and I could get a good deal on the Addi's.

Happy knitting & spinning.

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