Saturday, July 3, 2010

P's and Q's

Hi Laura! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, July 3

Your anger is a little closer to the outside world today -- but that can be a really good thing! Make sure that you're firing only at the right targets, though, as you don't want any collateral damage.

I better watch my P's and Q's today especially since we will be short two people at work and expect it to be pretty busy. I bought meats, cheeses, crackers and fruit to put in the backroom, in case we miss our lunches. That will help avoid the collateral damage, I think.

I need to also take this into account at home. A-b is here for a few weeks and all he does is stay on the computer. I can't even use my own computer without a big hassle! Hence no post yesterday which I had been planning.

I am still working on my gift knitting project. At least, the end is in sight. I will be sure to take it with me tonight when we go to watch the fireworks in Fairfax. Tomorrow night, I might take the socks that have been on the needles since oh about January. I don't want a big project on the metro with all the people expected in DC.

Enjoy the Fourth of July weekend! Happy knitting and spinning.

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LDSVenus said...

For some reason part of your post is off the page. Hopefully I was guessing right about the parts I couldn't see :P. I was going to spin this afternoon, but fell asleep on the couch (again). I hate late naps on Sunday, makes it hard to go to sleep when I should, however tomorrow is a holiday and I can sleep in!!!!! WOOHOO!!!